luci (luci_lyke__whut) wrote,

10 things fer 10 ppl

because i'm grounded right now...

-i love you more than i've ever loved anyone before. i can't compare my love to you with any other person because it's so different and distinct and amazing. i love that we are each other's best friends, and everything else for that matter. i know i get crazy sometimes but i know that you'll never look down on me for that, and support me in everyway you can until i feel better and am confident again. i'm sorry for the times that i'm ignorant and whiny. but when i think about it, it really doesn't matter because all of those times are overpowered by all the good times we've spent together and continue to spend everyday. and even though you upset me or frustrate me too, you know i'm ready to forgive you in a second. that's because i love you. and no matter whatever happens to us in the future, i will always love you like i do right now.

-you've been my best friend since the only english word i knew how to say was "hello". and the only spanish words you could say were "lapiz" & "papel". you know who you are. we've had so many conversations about how we're each other's "friend soulmates", and i have no doubt that it's true. i'm gonna make this as cheesy as possible because i know how much you love dramatic cheesiness. oh man, luci. although it's sad to admit that the 3fm is over, i'm glad that we're still strong. we've been through so much, it's ridiculous. i love you ;)

-you are my fello-celebrity best friend. we've known our futures since we were born, basically. it's awesome that we believe in ourselves so much, nothing or no one can stop us from knowing that we will make it out there, with kenny and everyone. don't let bad times bring you down, i know you well and i know you have too much of a strong spirit to let idiots bring you down. and i'm sorry for the times i may not spend time with you but i do love you. really.

-i don't really understand you. i like you sometimes and sometimes i don't and it's really weird how i switch back and forth from one to the other. sometimes i wish you'd just be real, and not trying to be nice to everyone.

-you're kind of like my brother, i can't really explain how i feel about you but i even feel like you're a girl friend sometimes. i like you a lot, you're fun to hang out with. i like that you always open up to me and i can help you. and i like that we get along well.

-YOU ARE MY HERO AND MY JESUS. you're not even alive, but i love you so much. i want to be like you.

-i miss being your best friend. it's really sad to see you grow apart from us but at the same time, we still get along. we thought we'd live together in a dorm or tourbus hahah, oh man. times change, it's so sad. i miss you a lot right now. but it makes me happy to see you happy.

-this year it seems like you're kind of trying to ignore all your other friends that don't go to your school. maybe i'm wrong though, i know you're busy. i know it's partially my fault too. it sucks because i really do love you and i miss you. best friends since 7th grade and aquaintances since 5th grade. don't let that go dude. come on..friend!

-you have such a funny personality, and you're really honest and genuine. i'll always like you, no matter what you may have done to me, because i get along with you so well. and i don't mean like you in a romantic way, but like you as a person. you have much more going for you than you think.

-all i have to say is squirrel. iiiiiiii loooooove you crazygurl.
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