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I haven't had any type of contact with this website in so long. Oh my god. And I'm going kind of crazy looking at all of the MK&A picture posts...

Jon's been gone for so long, it seems like. If you don't know where he is, it's really none of your concern, but if I actually know you, you can ask me and I'll let you know. Good thing he's coming back on the 14th. Living without him reminds me of my single life before I was dating him...I wonder why. It's really pretty lonely. It's not that I don't have fun, it just simply gets so damn lonely sometimes. I'm surviving and the boy's about to come home anyway.

College life is actually treating me better than it was starting to at the beginning. To some extent, I kind of like arguing with the boys at work who hate John Lennon and will do anything to come up with some sort of criticism about him. I always win.

I'm about to finish a painting I started a few weeks ago, and it's looking so damn good. I'm so proud of myself. I'm also starting to play Hendrix songs and I can't forget the fact that I'm learning about LSD in my Sixties class. Life after high school is so crazy; you either go downhill or actually succeed. The thought of a life other than the one I led in high school sadly never really hit me, for some reason. You think these people/things/places are never going to leave you alone until they're gone and really, you can't be happier, other than to miss certain individuals...

God nostalgia and happiness always seem to come hand in hand. You can't start missing the past, without wanting it back, until you're content with the present. I love The Beatles and Jon Norman and this weather and so many other things, and it makes me smile just to love love love.

Seriously, I'll be surprised if anyone actually reads this.
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